Terms & Conditions

1. Any damage to the emergency windows, Audio/Visual Equipmen! lighting System or partition, will result in the charges to repair or replace plus any damages resulting from the loss of use of the vehicle.

2. Additional charges will apply if Charter Bus is left in excess of not being clean. $50.00 per hour for excess cleaning, actual costs for any materials, professional cleaning, or services. If the Charter Bus Vehicle is not able to make it to its next schedule charter, all costs associated with that missed charter/time will also be charged.

3. There are no prices based on a “Per Person” basis. All prices are based on a “Total Vehicle” hourly rate & price. Any toll charges, parking or other trip fees and/or park entrance fees are the responsibility of the customer or client.

4. As previously stated, the following price table represents all the mtes for any and all Charter and/or On-Call Service and/or Walk-On Rates.


Equipment Description/ Capacity Days
Hourly Rates
Mini Bus (under 22 passengers) Mon. 6am-Thurs. 12:59pm $100.00 $70.00
Mini Bus (under 22 passengers) Thurs lpm-Mon. 5:59am $120.00 $90.00
MiniBus (over22passengers) Mon. 6am-Thun 12:59pm $120.00 $80.00
MiniBus (over22passengers) Thurs. lpm-Mon.5:59am $140.00 $100.00

5. Maximum driving time allowed by law is ten (10) hours per day shift of up to (12) hours. Therefore, any long distance round trip over (5) hours driving one way, requires an overnight stay at the turning point, making the trip a(2) day excursion.